Autocrin Primer

The material is characterized by high pore permeability, and improves adhesion of insulating material to surfaces. It is supplied as ready-to-use, easily applicable bitumen-SBS-resin compound. Composition: contains modifying additives and organic solvents.

ТУ РБ 14511885.001-98

Product Application

  • Priming concrete, ferroconcrete, brick surfaces before application of main hydraulic insulation coating, and before application of  roll roofing materials (RRM).
  • Priming of metallic surfaces.
  • Applying thin-layer coatings to concrete and metal.

Recommendations for Usage

Recommendations for usage

Stir thoroughly before use!

Work surface must be dry (moisture content in isolated surface must not exceed 5 mass %), cleaned from dust, oil, icing and other contaminations.

Apply on prepared surface with a painting tool, by means of air or airless spraying.

Store in closed containers.

Safety precautions:

Flammable liquid!
Handle in the open air or in a well-ventilated room wearing special protective clothing and using individual protective equipment. Do not use spark-forming instruments.



  • priming concrete surfaces
  • priming metallic surfaces (for 1 layer)

0.8 kg/m²
0.15 kg/m²

Technical Parameters

Parameter TC RB 14511885.001-98 requirements Actual value
Color black black
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, %, not less than 45 45
Adhesion, MPa, not less than
- to metal
- to concrete


Relative elongation at rupture, %, not less than 400 >1000
Nominal strength, MPa, not less than 0,2 0,4
Thermal resistance, °С 90 90
Flexural resilience of film on a 3 mm diameter rod at temperatures not exceeding minus 10°С Absence of cracks Absence of cracks
Time of drying to the 2nd degree condition, hours, not more than 24 24
Interlayer drying time, hours 1÷3
Working temperature range,°С -10 ÷ +30
Guarantee period, months 6

Solvents: Nefras (white-spirit), solvent

Fire hazard parameters:

  • Flammability index according to GOST 30244 – G4;
  • Fire propagation index according to GOST 30444 – RP4;
  • Ignitability index according to GOST 30402 – B3.


Product Packaging

Metallic chromed lithographed euro-pails with capacity of:

......3,5 kg ......10 kg


.......15 kg ......20kg


Painted iron sheet containers with capacity of:

......40 kg ......50 kg


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