Autocrin mastic (CBPM)

The coating remains elastic in the temperature range of +90°C÷-20°C, is highly adhesive to concrete and metals; resistant to water and corrosive environments. The material is supplied as ready-to-use, easily applicable bitumen-SBS-resin compound. Composition: contains modifying additives and organic solvents.

ТУ РБ 14511885.001-98
СТБ 1262-2001

Product Application

  • Surface hydraulic insulation of building structures of any forms and dimensions (foundations, floors, basement walls, bridge pillars, product pipelines, etc.);
  • Hydraulic insulation of structures driven into the earth (stilts, foundation cylinders, caissons, underground POL storages, underground treatment facilities, water reservoirs, mines, dyke locks, and the like);
  • Hydraulic insulation of water pools, water closets, tubs, shower rooms, etc.;
  • Installation and maintenance of one- and multi-layered roll and mastic roof coatings, either with or without reinforcements;
  • Sealing of cracks, abutting joints, roofing boots;
  • Vapor proof barrier installation;
  • Adhesion of slag wool lagging to horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • Adhesion of roll roofing materials to horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • Adhesion of gravel to roofing;

Recommendations for Usage

Stir thoroughly before use!


Work surface must be dry (moisture content in isolated surface must not exceed 5 mass %), cleaned from dust, oil, icing and other contaminations.


Apply on prepared surface with a painting tool, by means of air or airless spraying, or by pouring and leveling with special rakes.


Surface must be prepared by priming with the Autocrin primer.


Mastic must be applied layer by layer (one layer expenditure – 0.8 kg/m2), a 0.5 mm thick film is formed upon drying out.


When applying in low-temperatures the mastic must be held at room-temperature conditions for at least 10 hours before application.


Store in closed containers.

Safety precautions:

Flammable liquid!
Handle outdoors or in a well-ventilated room wearing special protective clothing and using individual protective equipment. Do not use spark-forming instruments.



  • hydraulic insulation works (for 1 mm of thickness), kg/m²
  • vapor proof barrier installation (for 2 mm of thickness), kg/m²
  • pourable roofings, reinforced (for 1 mm of thickness), kg/m²
  • adhesion of surface-clad roll materials, kg/m²


Technical Parameters

Parameter TC RB 14511885.001-98 requirements Actual value
Color Black Black
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, %, not less than 50 50
Adhesion, MPa, not less than
- to metal
- to concrete


Relative elongation at rupture, %, not less than 400 >1000
Nominal strength, MPa, not less than 0,2 0,5
Thermal resistance, °С 90 90
Flexibility of film on a bar with 5 mm radius at temperatures not exceeding minus 15°С Absence of cracks Absence of cracks
Absorption of water in the course of 24 hours, mass %, not more than 1 0,1
Water proofing capacity at 0.001 MPa pressure in the course of 24 hours no water drops present no water drops present
Time of drying to the 2nd degree condition, hours, not more than 24 24
Interlayer drying time, hours 3÷6
Working temperature range,°С -10 ÷ +30
Guarantee period, months 6

Растворители: Нефрас (уайт-спирит), сольвент.

Показатели пожарной безопасности:

  • группа горючести по ГОСТ 30244 – Г4;
  • группа распространения пламени по ГОСТ 30444 – РП4;
  • воспламеняемость по ГОСТ 30402 – В3.


Product Packaging

Metallic chromed lithographed euro-pails with capacity of:

......2,5 kg ......4,5 kg ......9 kg


.....13,5 kg ......18 kg ......9 kg


Painted iron sheet containers with capacity of:

......40 kg ......50 kg


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