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When you start construction off you have to consider straight ahead how you are going to ensure hydro-insulation of main structural elements: ground structures, flooring, and then roofing.

Probably, your old house requires reconstruction and restoration.

We are ready to help you. Autocrin protective materials are created to solve your problems.

Anyone of you can quickly and easily protect ground structures, flooring, and walls of the basement from humidity and ground waters; make arrangements for steam insulating cover; stick roofing materials or thermal insulation down, using your skills, efforts and Autocrin material.

Buy a bucket or two of the grout, take a brush or a paint roller and you are ready to go.

Autocrin grout may be used as an independent protective cover or in combination with reinforcement materials (fiberglass mesh, fiberglass, polyester fiber).

Did you decide to make your house cold proof? Stick heat-insulating materials based on polystyrene down to concrete, brick, plastered or metal surfaces with Autofiks-PS grout.

Autofiks grout is irreplaceable when you are mounting bituminous tiling. This grout ensures high strength and water-proof ability of the adhesive binding.

The metal or slate roofing of your house looks old and needs to be fixed? Give it a new life with Autocrin primer and Autocrin-177 anti-corrosion grout.

Does the underbody of your car get rusty? Protect it with Autocrin and Autocrin-177 anti-corrosion grouts. These surfacing materials ensure the protection of underbody, hidden cavities near lamps, in hood, doors, fenders, accumulator shelf.

If metal surfaces are already rusty, use Autocrin zinc-phosphate rust solvent to remove the rust. It will not only remove rust but also ensure durability of paintwork applied on the surface.

Similar products produced by foreign manufacturers cost more but they do not exceed the quality of you products.

We invite you to purchase our products.