The beginning of 90th saw significant changes in the political and economic life of the USSR. The collapse of the great country that followed soon was accompanied by the break-up of established social and economic relations; large-scale factories lost their long-standing business ties, herewith, new economic relations brought out more freedom and possibilities for self-expression.

During this uneasy period proper knowledge and scientific developments, as well as self-assurance and the possibility to take up the risk, enabled us to register a new enterprise - Alkid. From the middle of 1993 the enterprise started manufacturing a new material for construction – water-proof, corrosion proof, protective material Autocrin®.

Consequently, this material enabled us to document a new class of products: cold bituminous polymer grout (MBPH).

Doctor of Science Vladimir Shalvovich Sohadze an experienced specialist and chemist became the author of this project.

This new idea became popular with the constructors all over the country, which gave ground for steady increase of its manufacturing and application at construction sites of the country.

Initial success reassured us and led to the first re-equipment stage of the accelerating enterprise. New ideas and efficiency optimization methods were widely employed. More than 10 years after, the equipment with assumed production capacity of 4-5 tons in a shift may now produce 15-17 tons of a product in a shift.

We maintain traditionally high quality of proven water and corrosion proof Autokrin® grouts. Herewith, in 2007 the enterprise started manufacturing new Autofix materials. Autofiks grout shall be used to fix flexible roof tiling and other bituminous materials.

In 2008, the enterprise unveiled a new product Autofiks-PS, which is a cold polymer and bituminous grout for gluing heat-insulating materials.

During the years of intensive and hard work, Alkid Company managed to deliver significant results: products are manufactured under all the quality standards and they are certified by the Gosstandart of the Republic of Belarus, by the Gosstandart of the Russian Federation, and by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus.

For scientific developments and the manufacturing of new products, as well as for the application of cutting-edge technologies the enterprise was awarded honorary certificates and diplomas.

The enterprise takes part in international business fares in our country and abroad on the regular basis. It holds seminars and professional training sessions for specialists of design and construction organizations on application of Autokrin® and Autofiks®. It undertakes research work aimed at the development of new materials and enhancement of the materials that are being produced, as well as enhancement of technological processes.

We take every effort to ensure that our products deliver the expected results.

We are cooperating with many construction companies for more than 10 years. It proves that our customers highly appreciate the quality of our products and consider us a reliable business partner.

You are always welcome to become one of our partners.