Lacquer БТ-577

Ready-to-use bitumen compound with modifying additives and organic solvents.

GOST 5631-79

Назначение продукта

  • Corrosion protection of metal constructions and products during their short-term storage and transportation (6 months in moderate climate).
  • Outward conservation of agricultural and other machinery.
  • Aluminum paint production.

Рекомендации по применению

Stir thoroughly before use!

Work surface must be dry (moisture content in isolated surface must not exceed 5 mass %), cleaned from dust, oil, icing and other contaminations.

Apply on prepared surface with a painting tool, by means of air or airless spraying, or by dipping.

Store in closed containers.



  • metallic surfaces protection (1 layer), kg/m²



Технические характеристики

Parameter GOST 5631-79
Color Black
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, % 39 ± 2
Flexural resilience of film on bend, mm, no more than 1
Film resistance to proportional action of 3% NaCl solution at (20±2)оC, hours, no less than 3
Relative viscosity according to VZ-246 (or VZ-4) at (20±0,5) оС, seconds 18÷35
Time of drying to the 3rd degree condition, at (20±2) оС hours, no more than 24
Guarantee period, months 6


Упаковка продукции

Metallic chromed lithographed euro-pails with capacity of:

......2,5 kg ......4 kg ......8 kg


Painted iron sheet containers with capacity of:

......40 kg ......50 kg

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